Brass Wire Mesh

Brass wire mesh/ copper wire mesh/ phosphor bronze wire mesh

Material: brass wire, copper wire, phosphor bronze wire

Characteristics: no magnetic, wear resistance, good ductility, good sound insulation effec.

Specifications:0.5mesh/inch- 500mesh/inch
Weaving: plain weave /twill weave
Thickness :0.04 - 3.5 mm.
Mesh: 0.3X0.5mm, 0.6X1.2mm 1X2mm 1.5X3mm 1.5X2.5mm 2X3mm 2X4mm 3X6mm so on. Special specifications according to customer requirements

Application: screening various granular, powder, China clay, glass, porcelain printing, filtering the liquid, gas wall insulation, electronic display screen, metallurgy, building materials, mining industry screening.